Light JSC Light JSC Sản phẩm Sản phẩm Engenius EWS5912FP Neutron Series 8-Port GigE 130W PoE+ Wireless Management Controller & Switch

Engenius EWS5912FP Neutron Series 8-Port GigE 130W PoE+ Wireless Management Controller & Switch

Engenius EWS5912FP Neutron Series 8-Port GigE 130W PoE+ Wireless Management Controller & Switch

Scalable,simple to use, manage, and deploy Afull-featured Layer 2 PoE+ Switch with Wireless Management Capability Centrallymanage & monitor up to 20 Neutron APs Wiredand wireless network management supported IEEE802.3at/af PoE on its 8 Gigabit Ports with a total PoE budget of 130 Watts 2Gigabit Port and 2 Dual-Speed SFP uplink ports Up to24Gbps non-blocking switching capacity

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Power and Connect Access Points, IP Cameras, VoIP Phone Systems and More!
Supports PoE+ IEEE 802.3at/af to deliver power and connectivity to Access Points, Client Bridges, IP Cameras, VoIP telephones and other PoE clients. Up to 30W per port with a total PoE budget of 130W.
Gives Network Administrators the Power to Manage PoE Usage on a Port-by-Port Basis
The Switch's User Interface allows IT managers the ability to allocate just the amount of wattage they need per port to power specific PoE client devices to conserve as much of their Neutron Series Switch’s total PoE budget as possible. Including more Neutron Series Switches to the network gives administrators the ability and versatility to substantially and rapidly scale their networks and to provide just the right Neutron Series Switch necessary to provide wireless connectivity or surveillance in a part of the network previously unserved.
Network Visibility by Topology, Floor Plan or Map Views
Keep track of, map out, and plan the placement of Access Points and Switches in a network. Network administrators can view a representation of the topology of a cluster in the network as well as search for Access Points via their IP or MAC address in Topology, Floor Plan or Map Views. They can also see how many client devices are connected to each AP and drill down further to see the real time or historical bandwidth usage by each client. The Topology View also displays EnGenius Neutron or other third-party switches so administrators can see if a new switch has been introduced into the network as well as much more.
Expand The Managed Wireless Network to Other Buildings On Your Property
Includes two (2) Gigabit Uplink Ports, as well as, two (2) Dual-Speed SFP ports to support transceivers for fiber cabling for connectivity to offices, buildings, or other parts of the network that exceed the distance capability of regular Ethernet.
A Feature-Rich Controller That Can Deploy and Manage Up To 20 Neutron Series Access Points
Lets IT managers keep track of, map out, and create clusters of Neutron Series Access Points in the network. Gives network administrators the visibility to monitor, manage and adjust settings in real time. Controller interface displays usage reports for real time and historical client connectivity to each Neutron Series Access Point as well as traffic flow and load over both wired and wireless portions of the networ
Technical Specifications
Standard  Switching Capacity: 24Gbps
  Forwarding Mode: Store and Forward 
  SDRAM: 256MB 
  Flash Memory: 32MB 
  Port Functions 
  8 10/100/1000Mbps Ports in the front panel
  2 100/1000Mbps SFP Slot?
  2 Gigabit Uplink Ports
  1 RJ45 Console Port
  PoE Capability
  PoE standard: Port 1~8 Support 
  IEEE 802.3at/af? PoE Capable Ports: Port 1~8 can output up to 30W
  Power budget: 130 watts
LED Indicators Power LED x1
  Fault LED x1
  PoE Max LED x1
  LAN Mode LED x1
  PoE Mode LED x1
  Copper Ports:?LAN/PoE Mode, Link/Act?
  SFP Ports:?Link/Act
Environmental  & Mechanical
Temperature Range Operating: 32 to 132°F / 0 to 50°C 
  Storage: -40 to 158°F / -40 to 70 °C 
  Humidity (non-condensing): <5% - 95%
Wireless Management Features (with Neutron Series Access Points) Manages up to 20 Neutron Series APs
  Access Point Auto Discovery and Provisioning 
  Access Point Auto IP Assignment 
  Access Point Cluster Management 
  Remote Access Point Rebooting 
  Access Point Device Name Editing 
  Access Point Radio Settings
  Band Steering 
  Traffic Shaping
  Fast Handover 
  Fast Roaming 
  Access Point Client Limiting 
  Mesh Network* 
  Wireless Security (WEP, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise, WPA/WPA2 PSK) 
  VLANs for Access Point- Multiple SSIDs 
  Guest Network 
  Access Point Status Monitoring 
  Wireless Client Monitoring 
  Wireless Traffic & Usage Statistics 
  Real-time Throughput Monitoring 
  Visual Topology View 
  Floor Plan View 
  Map View 
  Secure Control Messaging 
  SSL Certificate 
  Local MAC Address Database 
  Remote MAC Address Database (RADIUS) 
  Unified Configuration Import / Export 
  Bulk Firmware Upgrade Capability 
  Intelligent Diagnostics
L2 Features
802.3ad Link Aggregation   
Port Mirroring   
Port Trunking   
Spanning Tree Protocol  - 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP) 
  - 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) 
  - 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP) 
IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3   
IGMP Fast Leave   
VLAN Group   
Voice VLAN   
MLD Snooping   
Queue  - CoS based on 802.1p priority 
  - CoS based on physical port 
  - CoS based on TOS 
  - CoS based on DSCP 
802.1X Port-based Access Control   
802.1X Guest VLAN   
Port security   
Storm control   
Port Isolation   
Attack Prevention   
Access Control List (ACL)   
PoE management  - Power on/off per port 
  - Power class configuration 
  - Power feeding with priority 
  - User defined power limit 
SSH Server   
Telnet Server   
TFTP Client   
BootP/DHCP Client   
Web-based support   
SNMP v1 support   
SNMP v2c support   
SNMP v3 support   
TFTP upgrade   
Command Line Interface (CLI)   
Cable Diagnostic  
MIB Support  
Environmental & Mechanical
Temperature Range Operating: 32 to 122°F / 0 to 50°C 
  Storage: -40 to 158°F / -40 to 70 °C 
  Humidity (non-condensing) 
  <5% - 95%
Device Dimensions and Weights  Weight: 4.4 lbs 
  Width: 13.00" (330.20 mm) 
  Length: 9" (228.60 mm) 
  Height: 1.73" (43.94 mm)

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