Kinan XU0108

Kinan XU0108

The XU0108 KVM switch allows access and control up to 8 computers from a single console

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Hardware feature
  • 1U Design-Occupies only 1U of the rack space
  • Fit for standard 19” rack mounting
  • Standard VGA connector-Connect to a server or KVM switch via a standard VGA connector
Management Way
  • Convenient computer switching via front panel pushbuttons, OSD menu and mouse
  • Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected computers
  • Broadcast mode--operations simultaneously performed on all selected computers
  • Hot pluggable --add or remove computers without having to power down the switch
  • Quickly select your computer by naming the server or inputting SN number of the server
High Resolution
  • Resolution is up to 2048×1536;DDC2B
Cascade Feature
  • Directly access and control up to 8 servers with single XU0108
  • By cascading to 31 additional switches, as many as 256 computers can be controlled from single XU0108
  • Two level password security--only authorized users view and control computers; up to four users and an administrator with a separate profile for each
Wide Compatibility
  • Multi-platform Support-Compatible with Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux
  • Supports server form Lenovo, HUA WEI, HP, IBM, Cisco and Dell, etc.
Model XU0108
Computer Connections 8
Port Selection Select buttons/OSD menu
Connector Console monitor
1*HDB-15 Female(blue)
2 * USB type A
KVM port
(HDB-15 Female(yellow)
Cascade port 1*HDB-15 Female(yellow)
Switch Port selection 8* keys
LED indicator Online 8* (green)
Selected 8* (orange)
Cascading display 2*7- Segment (orange)
I/R value DC 12V ; 0.5A
Video signal 2048×1536;DDC2B
Power consumption 4W
Emulation keyboard/mouse PS/2 ,USB
Environment requirements Operating temperature 0~40 ℃
Store temperature -20~ 60℃
Humidity 0-80%RH,Non-condensing
Physical features Material metal
Weight 2.0kg
Product Dimension 440mm x 169mm x 43mm
Package Dimension 512mm x 152mm x 252mm

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